The perfect match for successful wind energy projects

Setec-eocen and partner to support your offshore wind projects with a leading geospatial data platform and expertise in project management for seamless implementation.


TrueOcean: Your Gateway to Geospatial Data

Unlock the Power of Ocean Data with TrueOcean

Introducing the seamless collaboration between Setec-eocen and, the ultimate partnership for revolutionising offshore wind energy projects.'s cutting-edge TrueOcean Geospatial Data Platform provides the definitive solution for extracting valuable insights from ocean data faster and more efficiently.

  • Cloud-Based & Scalable: Adaptable to your project’s needs, offering unlimited scalability.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly design for effortless navigation and use.
  • Georeferenced Data: Easily access, discover, visualise, and share geospatial data.

Setec-eocen: Expert Project Management for Seamless Implementation

Setec-eocen brings unparalleled expertise in project management, ensuring the successful deployment and adoption of the TrueOcean platform. Our services include:

  • Gap Analysis: Identify and bridge gaps in your current processes.
  • Change Management: Facilitate smooth transitions and enhance adaptability.
  • Comprehensive Training: Conduct large-scale training programs to empower your users.

Why Choose setec-eocen and

Together, setec-eocen and provide a powerful combination of advanced technology and expert consultancy, ensuring your offshore wind energy projects are executed flawlessly from start to finish. Unlock the full potential of your ocean data and drive your projects to success with our innovative solutions and dedicated support.

Discover the future of offshore wind energy with setec-eocen and Transform your ocean data into actionable insights today.

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