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Optimise Your Ocean Data's Potential with Cutting-edge Big Data Processing

Discover how TrueOcean’s Zeus module harmonises your ocean data and fuses it with the computing power of the cloud to unleash its full technological potential. Fill the form to download the blue paper for free.

Key Learnings


Discover the power of TrueOcean's new module, Zeus

Learn how Zeus empowers our users to process, analyse, and harmonise big data, moving them beyond fundamental data management, handling calculations on the raw point cloud level, and skipping any rasterisation or interpolation steps. 


Dive into its innovative processing tools and functions

Zeus unleashes transformative power in geospatial analysis with tools for data quality, morphometrics, seismic signal mastery, geometric insights, terrain characterisation, and rasterisation. Dive into Zeus' transformers and computational efficiency.


Understand the game-changing geodata transformation

From predicting Sound Velocity Profiles to harnessing GPU speed, Zeus is revolutionising geospatial analysis. Understand the game-changing transformation Zeus is causing in the geospatial data industry and the upcoming new developments. 


Discover the power of Zeus

Learn all the insights about Zeus: its technological background, including supported data formats and data standards, processing tools, and available functionalities for our users. See how Zeus empowers our users to process, analyse, and harmonise big data.


Big data processing at your fingertips

TrueOcean's Zeus offers an array of common geodata processing tasks, called “transformers”, that translate raw data into typical domain metrics. These transformers are computing algorithms that are available for multiple categories.




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