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The Race from Ping to Cloud

Are you facing challenges in efficiently managing the massive increase in hydrographic and other ocean data needed for your offshore wind farms?

If the answer is yes, this white paper is a must-read.



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Key Learnings


From Ping to Cloud

Discover the latest developments in autonomous platforms and intelligent sensors, as well as the benefits that can dramatically reduce the cost of data acquisition and processing. Discover what the 'Race from Ping to Cloud' is about.


A Cloud-based approach

How leveraging innovative cloud-based data management, can help service providers and energy companies optimise their marine survey workflow and meet the growing demand for marine data from the offshore wind sector. 


Simplify marine survey workflows

Learn about the bottlenecks in the traditional marine survey workflow and how the TrueOcean Ocean Data Platform can help remove them, from data acquisition and management to analysis and delivery.


Optimised marine workflows

Learn how to unblock the bottlenecks of the traditional marine survey workflows and how autonomous sensor platforms and Cloud technology are transforming the efficiency of ocean data handling.


Leveraging the TrueOcean ODP

Learn how the TrueOcean Ocean Data Platform can help accelerate your marine survey workflows, reduce complexities, and maximise your return on every megabyte collected and delivered.

Fig. 10: Data held within the TrueOcean Ocean Data Platform can be used directly by engineers when building wind farms.



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